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Gourmet Alaska is the Exclusive Brewmaster Dealer for SE Alaska!
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Gourmet Alaska carries all you need for the home brewer and winemaker.

Stop by the store and explore our extensive selection of home brewing supplies & equipment, or give us a call.

  • Huge selection of Malts, Hops & Barley

  • Home Brewing Kits & Winemaking Kits

  • Yeasts for Beer and Wine

  • Bottles, Carboys, Growlers, & Buckets

  • Tubing, Siphons & Airlocks

  • Sanitation Supplies

  • Corks & Bottle Caps

  • Corker Rental - $1/hr or $5/overnight

Our current selection of hops includes:

  • Amarillo Hops

  • Cascade Pellet American Hops

  • Centennial Hops

  • Chinook Pellet American Hops

  • Citra Pellet Hops

  • Columbus Pellet American Hops

  • Fuggle Hops

  • Galena Pellet American Hops

  • Kent Golding Hops

  • Magnum Pellet American Hops

  • Mt Hood Pellet American Hops

  • Simcoe Pellet American Hops

  • Warrior Brand Pellet Hops

  • Willamette Pellet American Hops

Caramel Vienna Beer Malt
Brewing Quality Beers Book
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